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Cardiff Cycle Workshop

So, what is a recycled bike….?

It’s a catchy title, “recycled bike”, but what does it actually mean? It’s not that the materials that make up the bike are from recycled sources. A more accurate word would be “reused” meaning that the bike has been repaired and serviced using both old and new parts.

Our bikes come from a variety of sources; they have either been freely donated by their previous owners or left at Cardiff Council Household Waste Recycling Centres. Occasionally we receive bikes from South Wales Police and British Transport Police; these bikes are recovered stolen property that have not been claimed by their owners. From time to time organisations such as Cardiff University or property management companies also donate bikes that have been abandoned at their sites.

Once they are here at the workshop the bikes undergo a thorough assessment before any faults are fixed. Not every bike receives a full strip down and rebuild, sometimes it’s just not required. Some bikes are found to be uneconomical to repair, in which case they will be harvested of any useable parts. We try wherever we can to use these recycled components but of course that’s not all always possible. Tyres, cables, chains and sprockets are most frequently replaced with new.

So what does all that mean in terms of the finished bikes? What makes a recycled bike special?

First off, it’s cheaper. Whilst the latest, highly spec’d, dream machine from a big manufacturer like Giant, or a bespoke built number from your local shop would be fantastic, not all of us can afford it. Indeed, if you only want a run around that is going to be locked up outside for long hours, then it’s not advisable to have an expensive bike in any case. For the same money that you’d pay for a very cheap, very shoddy bike from Tesco’s, that you’d have to assemble yourself, you could ride away a refurbished classic. With our adult bikes starting at £50, you’ll be pushed to find anything cheaper. Unless you go via Gumtree or a car boot sale, which brings me onto my next point.

Our bikes are reliable. We service them ourselves and can guarantee the quality.  After the repairs have been completed the bikes are inspected by a second, different mechanic before they go on sale. Of course, sometimes there are problems, it’s inevitable given the fact that these are used bikes. That’s why we offer a 3 month warranty on our bikes. If you do experience a problem we’ll fix it, no questions asked.

Our bikes have character. Sure, we sell a lot of cheap and cheerful, mass produced bikes that started life in Halfords or similar. We also sell a number of vintage bikes, custom built numbers and full on restorations. You can see a number of the bikes that we have sold over recent months here.

We save waste. If you needed any more reasons to come and see us, then this must tip the scale. Since April 2016 we reused 458 bikes. That’s 6 tonnes of material being taken out of the waste stream. You can see a film all about the workshop and see recycling in action here.

Don’t forget, sales are every Friday afternoon from 1pm – 5pm and the first Saturday of every month from 10am – 12pm. The sales run on a first come-first served basis, so it pays to come early to get the best choice. You can see the bikes for sale here. We update this album every couple of days, with the final update happening on Thursday afternoons, so it’s a great way of seeing what we have in stock. As always, if you need any information at all about the workshop or our bikes please do get in touch. All of our contact details are on this page.