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Fix it yourself

Our Fix it yourself suite is suitable for both enthusiasts and novices. The courses take you from simple tune-up tasks right through to major component overhauls. Just pick the level that suits you.

  • Essential Bike Maintenance (Level 1) shows you how to deal with roadside emergencies and tune-up your brakes and gears.
  • More Bike Maintenance (Level 2) will give you the confidence to change major consumable components like cables, chains, and cassettes.
  • Further Bike Maintenance (Level 3) is for a more complete home service, including hub and headset stripping and regreasing.
  • MTB Hydraulics and Suspension (Level 4) addresses specific maintenance needs arising from hydraulic disk brakes and suspension units.
  • Wheelbuilding (Level 4) adds some of the artistry of wheelbuilding to the repertoire of the bike mechanic.
  • Advanced Road Bike Maintenance (Level 5) teaches how to deal with electronic shifting, as well as other common features of modern road bikes.

For more information about our bicycle maintenance courses, please contact Nick Canham on nick@cycletrainingwales.org.uk or 07971 719626 .

Road bike maintenance being explained

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