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Velotech Gold

Velotech Gold is aimed at professionals within theĀ  industry or anyone who wants to delve deeper into bicycle repair than the most routine of tasks. Velotech is recognized by the Bicycle Association of Great Britain, the national association of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, and by many of the industry’s leading names, such as Campagnolo and Fibrax. Click here for Velotech’s listing in a recent Bike Biz article.

Over four days you will learn how to strip and rebuild the majority of mechanical systems. The syllabus requires participants to familiarize themselves with a wide range of systems to accommodate a variety of bicycle designs and specifications. It includes:

  • cycle workshop practices and safety
  • wheel and tyre maintenance
  • brake system installation and maintenance
  • gear system installation and maintenance
  • hub stripping and regreasing
  • full replacement of transmission
  • servicing headsets
  • wheel truing

Please note that training on mountain bike hydraulic brakes and suspension systems, and more detailed wheel building is available separately.

The Velotech Gold bike maintenance course is delivered in conjunction with Velotech Cycle Limited.

An instructor explains how a hub works on a bicycle maintenance course

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