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So what are recycled bikes?

It’s been a really long time since I posted anything resembling a blog so I thought it would be useful to answer some frequently asked questions about Cardiff Cycle Workshop and our recycled bikes.

Are you part of the Council?

We are not part of Cardiff Council, no. We do work in partnership with the authority, collecting bikes that have been left Bessemer Close recycling centre, but we are an independent company.

Are you a charity?

No, we are social enterprise and registered not-for-profit organisation. That means that we make an income through trading activities, like other companies, but any surplus is held by the company instead of going to directors or shareholders. These funds are then used to continue providing our socially beneficial products and services.

Where do the bikes come from?

All the recycled bikes have either been generously donated by Cardiff’s population or collected from council recycling centres. Sometimes we receive large scale donations from organisations such as Cardiff University or Welsh Assembly Government, of bikes that have been abandoned at their sites.

How do I know this bike is not stolen?

We cannot guarantee that the bikes we work on are not stolen. We do not buy bikes or offer any part-exchange whatsoever, in an attempt to discourage people bringing us bikes of questionable origin. So far we believe it has worked, in 8 years of operation we have had just one instance of a bike being discovered to have been stolen. Very occasionally we receive bikes from South Wales Police. In this instance the bikes are generally recovered stolen property  and every effort has been made to find the owners.

What work have you done on this bike?

Each bike undergoes a thorough assessment, we then repair any faults using recycled components where possible and new parts where not. Some recycled  bikes will be completely rebuilt, others only require minor adjustments.

How do I know it’s safe?

A qualified member of staff will inspect and sign off finished bikes before they go on sale. Every  recycled bike goes through at least two mechanics before it is ready to be sold. We receive a very small number of returns and believe that this shows our work to be of the highest quality.

What happens if it breaks?

We sell all our recycled bikes with a 3 month warranty. This covers everything mechanical on the bike except punctures. All you would need to do should you have a problem is bring the bike back to the workshop and we will fix it. Please note that damage arising from misuse or crashes is not covered.

When can I buy a bike?

We sell recycled bikes every Friday from 1pm – 5pm and on the first Saturday morning of each month from 10am-12pm. These are the only times that bikes are able to be viewed or purchased as, due to space restrictions, they are packed away during the week.

Can I see the bikes before the sale?

You can see the current range of recycled bikes in our sale galleries. We try and update the gallery every couple of days or so, with the final update coming on Thursday afternoon.

Can I reserve a bike?

No. So that everyone has the same chance to buy the bikes we post online, all the sales run on a first come, first served. If you are after a particular bike, we’d recommend arriving early.

How much do the bikes cost?

Adult bikes start at £60 and kids at £10.

Do you take card payments?

Yes we do, both debit and credit cards are accepted.

When can I donate my bike?

We are open for donations Mon-Fri 10-4.

Will you buy my bike?

Sorry, we don’t buy bikes.

If you’d like any further information about Cardiff Cycle Workshop please call Workshop Coordinator, Jon Howes, on 07808 987798.


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