Jon Repair Bio…

Cardiff Cycle Workshop Coordinator Jon Howes racing his mountain bike @ Bristol Bikefest 12 Hour Solo event in 2016.
Workshop Coordinator Jon racing the 12 hour, solo event @ Bristol Bikefest 2016.

What is/are your experience or qualifications? I have run Cardiff Cycle Workshop since it’s inception in 2010, gaining invaluable experience of innumerable bikes along the way and I am now also a Velotech Platinum and Cytech Level 3 technician.

What kind of riding do you do? A bit of everything really! Whilst I’m always up for a MTB ride or race (longer the better), I have more recently discovered the joys of Audax and am aiming for my first 300km ride this summer. I recently acquired a BMX and hope to learn to ride it as if I was 17 again. Wish me luck….

We all know about “N + 1”, what is N equal to in your shed/house/garage/lock up? IE; How many bikes do you own? Personally I only  have four, but there are nine in my household!

What’s the favourite bike you’ve ever had? I’m not one to buy new bikes all the time, but I think my Stanton Sherpa MTB fits that bill. However, each time I jump on one of my bikes I think “Wow, I love this bike! I must ride it more….”

Have you got a cycling hero/heroine? My childhood hero was Sean Kelly, legendary hardman pro-racer. In later years I have come to appreciate my Grandfather who had a lifelong obsession with bikes and bike racing.

Any hopes or thoughts for the future of cycling, cycle sport or cycling tech? The bike industry is pretty wasteful, I’d like to see that change further up the supply chain. Our workshop is a kind of blokey place, I’d love to see more women involved here.