Maz Repair Bio.

Workshop Supervisor Maz Shaw testing a repair.
Workshop Supervisor Maz testing a repair.

What is/are your experience or qualifications?  When I was 6 I figured out I had to take the wheels off my Christmas bicycle, (my first bike), so it would go in the Mini to get it home from Grandma’s. I popped it back together and went about fixing every bike I could lay my hands on, friends who lived nearby mostly. At 16 I got my first job in a bike shop with my 10yrs experience. I even taught my boss a couple of tricks. Since then I’ve run friends shops so they could have a holiday, repaired pretty much every type of HPV you can imagine and worked every aspect of the cycle trade along the way. 42yrs on and I look forward to each and every repair. 


I currently supervise a bicycle recycling workshop, support and mechanic on short/long distance charity rides and have a large collection of wildly varied machinery that I  take to shows and events so people can experience the more unusual cycles out there.

What kind of riding do you do?  I generally do shorter rides with my children and partner at the weekends. Two jobs and two children doesn’t leave much time for gallivanting around on cycles. 🙂

We all know about “N + 1”, what is N equal to in your shed/house/garage/lock up? IE; How many bikes do you own?  I stopped counting at 100. That was a good couple of years ago. As well as the oddities alluded to above, I collect ‘normal’ bikes of all kinds. Mostly retro stuff but anything with flair or historical (cycle) significance. Or if I just like it.

What’s the favourite bike you’ve ever had?  Good grief that’s a toughie. I often wax lyrical about my ’94 Kon Cindercone. Their Race Light frames are such a nice ride.  For the special breed of potholes prevalent nowadays, I love my ’97 Specialized FSR Comp. Less need to wobble out in front of traffic with it’s full suspension. And lighter than most modern full sussed bikes too.  Special mention to my Dursley Pedersen for its sheer cool cruising factor. 😉

Have you got a cycling hero/heroine?   The late Sheldon Brown. Most definitely a kindred spirit.

Any hopes or thoughts for the future of cycling, cycle sport or cycling tech?  Optimistic hopes for a fundamental shift in drivers attitudes towards cyclists. If it happens, and we get some Proper infrastructure, we might just get the numbers on bikes to make a real difference to health, happiness and, just possibly, pollution levels.