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“Winterise” your bike!

If your bike is looking a bit dirty like Workshop Coordinator, Jon’s, we want to help! Regardless of the style of bike you have, our new Winter Tune Up package is designed to get it ready to face the elements and make it through to spring in good shape. It includes:

  • Full bike wash and drivetrain wear check, clean and lube.
  • Wheel rim, hub and bottom bracket wear assessment.
  • Brake pad wear check and brake adjustment.
  • Gear assessment and adjustment.
  • Headset strip, regrease and adjustment.
  • Price; £40 (parts not included)

The winter weather that is beginning to prevail, even here in sunny South Wales, can be hard on bikes. Road grit, mud and water can find there way into the unlikeliest places, causing problems in the process. Ensuring that components are adjusted correctly helps to stop early or uneven wear, changing worn brake pads will increase the life of your rims or rotors and the right lubricant in the right places will inhibit corrosion.

To keep your bike clean once it has been attended to, why not invest in a set of full length mudguards? We can offer some excellent M-Part Primo guards for £40 at the moment and, if you buy a pair along with a Winter Tune Up, we’ll waive the normal £20 charge and fit them for free.

Call 029 20616783 for more information or to book your service slot.